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Chemicals & Petroleum

Chemicals & Petroleum

The chemicals industry networks are complex. Including base, consumer, specialty and fine chemicals businesses, it is also part of the automotive, electronics and other industries’ supply chains.

The chemical industry is working in dynamic environments and markets. Challenges in Eastern Europe and Asia and the growing scarcity of resources mean that businesses in the chemical industry are being forced to focus on innovation. Innovative thinking encourages chemical products to be optimised in their production (e.g. catalysts or synthetic compounds of low density and high stability) and subsequently reduce the ecological impact of the final product.

Environmentally-friendly products with Life Cycle Assessments

An ecological-economic-technical evaluation, from a life cycle approach, provides an effective opportunity to meet this challenge. Chemical products can be manufactured in an environmentally-friendly way themselves, subsequently having a positive influence on the environmental performance of other products, for instance, by making them lighter or easier to recycle.

Whitepaper: Improving the environmental performance of chemical products

The common perception of the chemical industry is that it requires a tremendous amount of energy, uses it inefficiently and in the process creates significant environmental problems.

Any environmental benefits of chemical products are often unknown to the public and difficult to quantify. The chemical industry has a choice of different options for quantifying and improving environmental performance, each has benefits and drawbacks, as well as limitations in use.

Pathways to improve environmental performance

The whitepaper describes the pathways for quantifying and improving of the environmental performance and shows how to choose the right option.


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