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Consumer Goods & Packaging

Consumers are rewarding brands that tell authentic stories that relate to their values; this version of sustainable consumption is trumping labeling and claims in the marketplace.  

Sustainability in consumer goods has changed significantly in recent years. Major retailers are actively driving sustainability considerations into the products they put on their shelves. Consumer brands are making big commitments and integrating sustainability into their brand promise. International initiatives are driving transparency and accountability into supply chains, and discussions about safely phasing out materials of concern continues.  

How is your brand navigating this change?

Whether you’re a retailer, brand, or packaging converter, you need a thoughtful sustainability approach that incorporates your company’s culture, business objectives, market segment, and core product.  With an understanding of who you are – and who you’re trying to become – any company in the consumer goods supply chain can drive business value from sustainability.

Sustainability can deliver business value in four key areas: increased revenue, decreased cost, improved brand reputation and reduced risk.

thinkstep’s services help you achieve success through our proven approach to first understand the current reality of the market or issue at hand, help you strategize a response that fits your business, enabling you to improve in meaningful ways to lead you to success.

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Sustainable Packaging - 5 steps to establish a value-adding sustainable packaging initiative.

The conversation about sustainability in packaging has evolved significantly in recent years, but companies continue to be challenged with how to make sustainable packaging actionable for their organization.

This whitepaper holds the key to realizing the value of sustainable packaging efforts. Follow these steps to establish a value-adding sustainable packaging initiative.



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