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The Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector itself now accounts for more than 6% of GDP. It consists of more than a million companies.

It has transformed and absorbed much of the media and photographic industries, and is encroaching on the retail sector, notably in travel and entertainment reservations.

 ICT plays a key role for a low-carbon economy

The ICT can play a key role in the transition to a more energy-efficient, low-carbon economy while simultaneously increasing productivity and growth. This progress can be achieved through consistent monitoring of energy use and carbon emissions, by enabling more efficient energy use in existing processes and by transforming the way we live and work.

Casestudy: Life Cycle Assessment moves Green IT into the future

A successful Life Cycle Assessment pilot study moves Wincor Nixdorf’s Green IT program forward.

The study builds the foundation for the pioneering concept of the green ATM, with lower energy consumption and reduced emissions, and contributes to the company’s eco-design guideline optimization. Wincor Nixdorf can now declare a valid environmental impact of their products.


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