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Our Life Cycle Assessment solution, GaBi Software, offers the globally broadest compilation of high quality and annually updated  databases to suit your data needs.

We ensure all individual GaBi datasets are comparable by using consistent methods and boundaries as well as common background data and models in their construction. This means you can use datasets seamlessly together in your model, saving your time and effort otherwise needed to check for inconsistencies.

The choice is yours to build your LCI models:

     GaBi Databases

GaBi Databases are the largest internally consistent LCI databases on the market today and contain around 13,500 datasets, including close to 1,000 plan models. This is complemented by about 3,500 readily available Data-on-demand datasets. Over 30 years of life cycle expertise by Sphera is captured in the GaBi Databases, which feature the most accurate Life Cycle Inventory profiles worldwide that are moreover to a large extent based on primary industry data.


Should you need a customized dataset not found in common databases, utilize Sphera’s broad range of sector expertise to create the dataset(s) to suit your needs with our unique data-on-demand service. A large range of products and processes can be developed by our experts on short notice, because we may have most of the data and model already available. Others we can develop entirely new for you – meeting always exactly your specific data needs.


Created by the ecoinvent Centre

     U.S. LCI

Created by NREL and its partners

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To learn more about how other companies have used GaBi data from Sphera to help with their product sustainability success why not read this case study from Tata Steel.

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