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The suitability and quality of our Sphera GaBi LCA Databases is a result and combination of sound methods, recent regulatory boundaries, the newest scientific findings and engineering know-how applied in a relevant, consistent and frequently updated way.
This includes considering relevant developments in the global supply chains, isuch as:

Montreal Protocol
Observe the consequences of the protracted fade out of certain ozone-depleting substances resulting from the Montreal Protocol in Sphera LCA data.
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Energy Policy of all EU and G20 countries
You can explore how the national dynamics in the energy policies of different EU countries regarding the ramp up of renewables, the fade out of nuclear and the movement away from coal power can be observed in the Sphera energy LCA data.

By-product use regulations
Calcium Chloride was banned as a de-icing agent (the main use of the soda by-product) for streets. Therefore, we completely recalculated it, with support from industry stakeholders, to reflect the regulatory situation that a former ''product'' became a ''residue''.

Material bans
Banned materials, like lead in solder paste of electronic products, significantly influence the inventory of LCA electronics data. Sphera LCA data instantly adapt to any known material ban.

Evolvement in environmental sciences
Explore the Sphera LCA data effects on recent atmospheric chemistry in smog formation (NO/NO₂/HC/O₃) and how GaBi is reflecting the evolvement in this discussion.

Scientific knowledge gains in environmental sciences
Hydropower in Iceland has different GHG emissions than hydropower in Brazil, as emissions are dominated by the cement content of dams in the former and by anaerobic CH4 formation in the latter.

Regionalization in LCA
Explore the possibilities for how GaBi can regionalize your results, not only on LCIA level, but for technology and import statistics, as well as at the product level, such as with regionally specific sulfur and bio-fuel content.

Social and Cost effects
Take your next 'Sphera' and create scenarios on Sphera LCA data for internalizing external costs via official UBA air emissions costs.

Precautionary principle
Use Sphera LCA data to avoid both unintended ''green washing'' and unrealistic ''worse case overestimations''. Feel confident with responsible engineering that underlies Sphera LCA data.

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