GaBi Solutions

What advantages does it deliver?

Improved Product Sustainability Performance

GaBi helps deliver more sustainable products & reduce operational costs for your organisation & supply chain

By using GaBi to enhance sustainability decision-making and LCA projects, businesses can build sustainable brands, which consumers increasingly prefer. Businesses gain consumer trust through quantified and verifiable information to substantiate their sustainability labelling and communications. Furthermore, giving consumers insight into a product’s sustainable attributes across its life cycle will help a brand achieve market leadership.

Quantifying the life-cycle impact of a product will also enable a company to assess its supply chain to identify product categories with the highest impacts; the drivers behind the product’s energy use, carbon footprint, waste and water footprint; and the hotspots where sustainability efforts can be concentrated. Organisations can set goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for product sustainability, building a more sustainable portfolio.

Business benefits

Create more sustainable products

Reduce resource costs

Develop more sustainable processes

Increase product preferences (more sustainable)

Improve regulatory compliance

Increase brand value

The Business Case for Product Sustainability - Read the Case Study

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