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GaBi DfX

GaBi DfX is the professional software for compliance and sustainable product development with a view to the end of life phase.


If you want to consider different regulations during product design, such as the EU Directives for end-of-life vehicles, for waste electrical and electronic equipment, energy using products or for the restriction of hazardous substances and at the same time want to keep the environmental performance  of your product in focus - then GaBi DfX is your tool. Of course GaBi DfX is compatible with GaBi LCA models.


With GaBi DfX you can…


act on to the requirements of directives, laws and clients

ensure your enterprise's cost effectiveness

use one, transparent product model for all life cycle considerations

economically manage product-relevant data and models with a single tool


Import directly from Bill of Materials


GaBi DfX is ideal for analysing very complex products such as from the automotive, aerospace or electronic sectors. It includes a standard interface to import LCA-relevant data directly from Bill of Materials (BOM). This very easy to handle and extremely powerful feature allows complex products or a large number of products to be analysed with in almost no time.


Customized solutions

We are happy to discuss customizing solutions for you to integrate GaBi DfX into your company-specific IT landscape.

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