GaBi Solutions

GaBi Server for collaborative LCA

GaBi Server for collaborative LCA

GaBi Server supports LCA collaboration for organisations with two or more LCA practitioners. By providing a central database management, quality assurance workflows and user rights management, it improves general LCA quality and reduces time for data transfer and remodeling efforts. 

Improve LCA quality

  • Provide one standard database to ensure that everyone works with the same data.
  • Apply modelling standards and workflows, which enhances overall quality.
  • Integrate supplier data, centrally, easily and quickly.

Save time and reduce costs

  • Accelerated modelling – the team can work in parallel /serial on the same LCA model.
  • Model library - gives access to full range of existing LCA models to avoid duplicate effort.
  • Centralized management of updates and upgrades saving time, reducing complexity.

Reduce risks

  • Object histories – track back to previous model versions, saving time by allowing you to quickly find who changed what if work gets off track.
  • Regular automatic backups, driven by policies.

 Improve accountability

  • Clear workflow management: saving time, effort and reducing complexity.
  • Change log for transparency of changes.
  • User rights management to quickly and easily assign the right level of access to the right people.
  • Establish review workflows which validate the integrity of your results and the consistency of your decisions.