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What is Green IT?

Green IT is more than taking single factors into account. Green IT has to be considered holistically in order to ensure added value for your company and to face the challenges in near future.

Are you aware of the Power Usage Effectiveness factor (PUE) of your IT System? Do you know how to reduce your Carbon Usage Effectiveness factor (CUE) down to zero? And what do you do beyond?


  • Today the ICT-sector contributes with 2 percent of overall CO2-emissions – the same amount as the aviation sector worldwide. Thus, following aspects are important to investigate regarding Green IT: 1. Setup entire life cycle of your information technology environmentally friendly and resource efficiently 2. Manage substances, which are e.g. toxic, hazardous, precious or scarce or possibly challenging to get recycled 3. Ensure energy efficiency and closing the loop of used equipment and hardware systems; including the applied power, logistic, disposal and recycling
  • Green IT thus takes care of using computing resources efficiently. It is known for its broader, economy-wide capacity for energy saving and potential to effect rapid and profound change across every facet of government, industry and consumers.
  • We can help to identify and qualify a set of ambitious measures focusing on what can be achieved for the complete life cycle in near, mid and long term both by IT sector (First-Order Effects), its supply chain and by fully exploiting the enabling capacity of IT (Second Order Effects) in all sectors of society and economy.
  • Green IT comprises a wide spectrum of different companies, like hardware manufacturer, telecommunication companies, internet providers or supplier of logistics (server rooms, cooling and others).
  • With extensive experience in many branches, thinkstep can offer individual solutions to these different IT-fields and to fulfill the demands of the fast ongoing innovations of this sector.
  • We support you along the way to a greener IT with: Energy efficiency analysis, Life cycle assessments, Product carbon footprints, Ecodesign and law conformity (e.g. ErP Directive) , Environmental labeling and tailored services for your company.

Details of Benefits

  • Assessing and displaying your environmental profile, finding potentials, weak points and priority fields of action, enhancing energy efficiency.
  • Assessing the environmental profile of standard technology as well as high technology in all major fields like hardware, services or infrastructure.
  • One-stop services for better environmental performance and more sustainability of your products, services and company.
  • Managing and improving your environmental performance with key performance indicators (KPI).
  • Improving internal and external environmental communication with reliable information

Green IT with GaBi Software


  • Identify – weak points and prioritize actions
  • Scale – to cover entire infrastructures
  • Key – performance indicators to identify and improve performance
  • Differentiate – against competitors
  • Communicate – more effectively internally and externally 


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