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Rio Tinto Alcan

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Rio Tinto's aluminium business started with Comalco in Australia in the mid 1950s. Rio Tinto bought Comalco in 2000, and the company was renamed Rio Tinto Aluminium in late 2006.

Alcan Inc

Alcan started in 1902 as Northern Aluminum Company, the Canadian subsidiary of the Pittsburgh Reduction Company (later Alcoa). It was renamed Aluminum Company of Canada in 1925 and separated from Alcoa in 1928.

In 2000, algroup became a subsidiary of Alcan Aluminium Limited, which was renamed Alcan Inc in 2001. In 2003, it acquired among other companies Pechiney of France.

Rio Tinto Alcan

In October 2007, leading mining organisation Rio Tinto acquired Alcan. Alcan integrated with Rio Tinto's existing aluminium business, resulting in Rio Tinto Alcan.


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