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University of Surrey

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"We immediately benefited from GaBi’s clear, transparent and powerful concept. We particularly like the unparalleled flexibility in modelling and – thanks to the i-report feature – the ease for communicating results, scenarios or even build individual ecodesign applets. In our educational programmes, GaBi provides the students with a clear picture of LCA modelling due to its engineering approach". Prof. Chris France, Director of CES, University of Surrey


After a very successful year using GaBi in a number of research projects, the Centre for Environmental Strategy (CES) has also switched to GaBi for its postgraduate educational programmes and professional development training.


About our customer

The University of Surrey is a global university with a world-class research profile and an enterprising spirit. Inventive and forward-thinking, their heritage shows a recurring theme of going our own way, doing things differently – and achieving notable results.


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