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Client statement

Jan Dalsgaard Johannesen, Arla Foods

Jan Dalsgaard Johannesen, Coporate Environmental Manager, Arla Foods

"thinkstep gave us an all-round solution for everything from expert advice to software support.

Arla Foods is working toward a more sustainable future, bringing our consumers closer to nature by being innovative, using modern technology and respecting nature, and it is essential that we assume responsibility for keeping environmental impact and CO2 emissions to a minimum. To be able to streamline our production and make all aspects more climate-friendly, thinkstep calculated a baseline for our corporate GHG emissions according to the GHG Protocol.


thinkstep supported us with software, data, internal training and expert advice, and are helping us drive down GHG emissions. They have demonstrated that they work in line with international standards and the latest scientific research, without losing their pragmatic and flexible approach to problem solving."


Jan Dalsgaard Johannesen, Arla Foods