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Carbon Composites

GaBi extension database XXII

The carbon composites (CF) database was created by Fraunhofer IBP and Fraunhofer IGCV and is exclusively available for GaBi Software users.
The extension database includes materials and manufacturing processes related to carbon fibers and provides industrial companies and research institutions with access to well-founded primary data.

It forms an important basis for the decision to improve the product sustainability as it allows to determine global greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts which are caused by the manufacturing of carbon fiber-reinforced plastics.

The extension database includes materials and manufacturing processes for the sectors automotive, wind energy, mechanical engineering, sports & leisure, construction, shipbuilding, aviation, etc.

Database content

The database contains 137 processes based on industry data, 58 of which are unit processes, with the most common manufacturing and processing technologies in different geographical regions:


  • Data sets for the production of carbon fibers (CF) under various technological boundary conditions (standard process, energetically optimized, renewable energies) and regional boundary conditions (production mixes Global, EU28, DE, US, JP, CN, TW, HU, KR, FR, GB, ES, BR, CA)
  • Data sets for the production of components made of carbon fiber-reinforced plastics (CFRP) with thermoset or thermoplastic matrix using the most common processing technologies
  • Processing processes (unit processes) for carbon fiber-reinforced plastics for modelling specific production process chains

    Your benefits

    Relevant - based on real industry data

    Reliable - built from measured raw data

    Transparent - comprehensively documented (including additional documentation CF, CFRP and unit processes)

    Regular update - data sets are continuously updated and supplemented regarding new manufacturing technologies

    Consistent with other GaBi datasets, enabling you to deliver more reliable, credible LCA results

    Browse the datasets in the database now.

    The carbon composites database, created by Fraunhofer IBP and Fraunhofer IGCV, is maintained and further developed as part of the Fraunhofer Advanced Materials and Processes Database (AMP).

    For more information visit the websites of Fraunhofer IBP and Fraunhofer IGCV.