GaBi Solutions

Client statement

Aleksandar Kolev, Bombardier

“Bombardier conducts LCA studies of whole trains and related components.
When looking for a new LCA tool, and after analyzing the software, Bombardier became convinced that GaBi was the way forward. Not only were we impressed with the user-friendly interface and modelling approach in the GaBi tool, but also the first-rate communication with thinkstep. The speed with which our special requests are handled has produced a smooth integration of the products into our daily work in Design for Environment.

We are very happy with the excellent quality to cost ratio of the GaBi tools. In addition to the initial training, the continuous support we receive from PE while working with the software is exceptional. Using GaBi allows our verifiers to easily understand the models and interpret the results.”


Aleksandar Kolev, Design for Environment Engineer, Passenger Division Bombardier Transportation