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Eco-Indicator 99

Description of the Eco-Indicator 99 Method




The data for the impact categories "Eco-Indicator 99" are according to information from Pre Consultants, which are collected and published in a spreadsheet by the Institute of Environmental Sciences, Leiden University, The Netherlands.

This spreadsheet presents characterisation factors for the Damage Oriented Approach


For detailed information and questions please contact the given reference.


PE INTERNATIONAL AG and LBP-GaBi cannot be held responsible for any of this information and data. For all relevant flows or sum factors, which could not be characterised by the above mentioned methods, corresponding factors were calculated by PE INTERNATIONAL AG and LBP-GaBi, University of Stuttgart.


Normalisation factors Eco-Indicator 99


The Normalisation factors "Eco-Indicator 99" are based on published information from Pre Consultants. Background information can be found in the report: "The Eco-Indicatior 99 - A damage orientated method for Life Cycle Assessment".


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