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IPCC – the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change –regularly publishes assessment reports (AR) which summarize the current scientific state of knowledge regarding climate change. This includes updated values for Global Warming Potential (GWP) and Global Temperature Potential (GTP).  

The values from both IPCC AR5 (published 2013) and IPCC AR6 (published 2021) are available in GaBi.



IPCC AR5 contains GWP values for the timeframes 100 years (GWP100) and 20 years (GWP20), as well as GTP values for timeframes 20, 50 and 100 years (GTP20, GTP50, GTP100). The values implemented in GaBi include climate carbon feedbacks of CO2 and non-CO2 gases. AR5 also provides another set of factors that includes only the climate carbon feedback of CO2.

IPCC AR6 includes climate carbon feedbacks of all gases by default, with a more precise calculation formula compared to AR5. The indicators and time frames available in AR6 are: GWP20, GWP50 and GWP100; GTP50 and GTP100.

Both AR5 and AR6 are implemented in GaBi in two versions: one excludes biogenic CO2 (also simply referred to as biogenic carbon), and one includes biogenic CO2.


Normalization factors for IPCC AR5 have developed by Sphera for the year 2000. They were calculated with the same quantified emission used to characterize e.g. CML and ReCiPe methodologies. The factors are developed for USA, EU25+3, and global.



As IPCC AR5 and AR6 only contain one environmental impact, it is not possible to perform weighting.



For both IPCC AR5 and AR6 the GWP/GTP metrics are contained in the Working Group 1’s contribution to the report (The Physical Science Basis) well as the respective supplementary materials.

For AR5: (see chapter 8)

For AR6: (see chapter 7)

Sphera cannot be held responsible for any of this information and data.

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