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NF EN 15804

NF EN 15804


The French standard NF EN 15804 is used to calculate environmental indicators to use in Environmental Product Declaration (EPDs).

The NF version uses the EN15804 as released in 2012 plus additional characterizations in the NF EN 15804 norm.

Note that in view of the current amendment of the general EN 15804, the French standard can be expected to change accordingly.


ADP fossil is still calculated depending on the characterization factor relating directly to the net calorific value of the fuels.

ADP elements are not calculated for composites and minerals where the mining operation is not the active route used, e.g. gypsum (CaSO4·2H2O) is not characterized for the Sulphur content.

The entire set of additional NF EN 15804 values are included.

Normalization and weighting

Normalization and weighting is not performed.


EN 15804:2012+A1:2013. Sustainability of construction works. Environmental product declarations. Core rules for the product category of construction products.

NF EN 15804/CN. 18 June 2016. Sustainability of construction works — Environmental product declarations — Core rules for the product category of construction — National addition to NF EN 15804+A1

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