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Odour impact

Odour impact


Odour is an important aspect of systems for human and agricultural waste Management and many technologies are developed with the sole purpose of reducing odour.

Compared with e.g. greenhouse gas assessment and the assessment of toxicity, odour assessment has received little Attention in the life cycle assessment (LCA) community.



A framework for the assessment of odour impact in LCA was developed considering the classical LCA Framework of emissions, midpoint and endpoint indicators.

An area indicator called "odour footprint" considers the odour detection threshold, the diffusion rate and the kinectics of degradation of odourants. The impact currently contains 33 characterization factors for the unit of hydrogen sulphide equivalents.

Odour footprint does not take local populations and exposure pathway analysis into account - its intent is not to assess regulatory compliance or detailed design.

thinkstep and IABP-GaBi cannot be held responsible for any of this information and data.


Improving odour assessment in LCA—the odour footprint. Gregory M. Peters, Kathleen R. Murphy, Anders Peter S. Adamsen, Sander Bruun, Magdalena Svanström, Marieke ten Hoeve. International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment (2014) 19:1891–1900.

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