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GaBi - Market leading Life Cycle Assessment software

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GaBi makes it easy for your business to carry out Carbon Footprint, Environmental Footprint and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) studies.

It also enables you to deliver more sustainable products to match your customers expectations and become more resource efficient in a world of price rises and legislative obligations. 


GaBi even helps your business to cut costs and make your production and supply chains more efficient.

GaBi supports

Life Cycle Assessment according to ISO 14040/ 14044

Corporate and Product Carbon Footprint (PAS 2050, GHG Protocol - Product and Scope 3 standard)

Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) / Organisation Environmental Footprint (OEF)

Design for Environment & Ecodesign

Environmental Product Declarations (EPD)

Resource & Energy Efficiency

Water Footprint

GaBi includes

Extensive, high-quality GaBi databases

Internationally established impact categories and indicators

Numerous evaluation methods and scenario analyses

Integrated reporting tools with export functions

So what does GaBi do?

GaBi models every element of a product or system from a life cycle perspective, equipping businesses to make the best informed decisions on the manufacture and lifecycle of any manufactured product, everything from a hand-held mobile phone to a match-stick to an airport.

It also provides an easily accessible content database detailing the energy and environmental impact of sourcing and refining every raw or processed element of a manufactured item.

In addition, it looks at the impact on the environment and presents alternative options for manufacturing, distribution, recyclability, pollution and sustainability.


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