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What is a Building Life Cycle Assessment?

Taking into consideration life cycles with respect to thinking and acting is the basis of sustainable building.

Analyse your buildings with the help of thinkstep's Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).


  • The more energy-efficient a building is constituted and the less energy it uses within the useful life, the more important are its construction and the choice and processing of material.
  • Planners and architects who want to create buildings in a sustainable way are confronted with the following questions: How recyclable are the materials I use during the process of construction? How much primary energy is spent in my building? How big is the carbon footprint? Are the environmental impacts considered in my planning through the whole life cycle and are they revealed correspondingly? When does a decision for a more ecological option pay for itself?
  • Every building is unique and needs an individual analysis to illustrate the environmental impact and sustainability performance as well as to identify optimisation potentials. A life cycle assessment of a building does not only provide the required information, but is essential constituent of the sustainability certification of a building with DGNB-certificate of the German Association for Sustainable Building as well.
  • Through an extensive building LCA model, thinkstep offers comprehensive analyses for every type and size of building in order to illustrate the ecological dimension of the planning and the performance. Corresponding to the planning stage and the question, any kind of analysis can be conducted, from a first overview („screening“) to a detailed analysis of the building.
  • thinkstep is an innovation driver due to its services and broad experience. We are even able to analyse new innovative purposes, for which there does not exist standardised information yet, to show the ecological specific value of your new ideas.

Benefits of Building Life Cycle Assessments


  • Get an analysis and illustration of the ecological hot spots of the entire building.
  • Realize eco-efficient planning and building.
  • Calculate the environmental criteria which are necessary for the DGNB- certification and verification according to DGNB.
  • Improve the sustainability performance by comparative analyses of different options within all planning phases.
  • Display your strong efforts and contribution to sustainable building.

Carry out Building Life Cycle Assessments with GaBi Software!


  • Identify – ecological hot spots of an entire building
  • Improve – sustainability performance by comparing options
  • Achieve – eco-efficient planning and construction
  • Certify – against leading schemes such as DGNB, LEED, and others
  • Differentiate – against your competitors 


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