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Resource & Energy Efficiency

What is Resource & Energy Efficiency?

Resource & Energy Efficiency offers a powerful and cost-effective tool for achieving a sustainable future.

Resource & Energy Efficiency saves money and cuts emissions faster than any other climate change mitigation option.

Efficiently using resources and energy consequentially bring about both economic and ecological advantages. By enacting efficiency measures, organisations simultaneously save costs and reduce environmental impacts and risks.


  • The ever increasing scarcity of resources is provoking growing numbers of organisations to find alternatives to traditional energy sources. This often involves changing energy supplies, procedures or choice of supplier.
  • However, a narrow focus on energy and resources hardly facilitates the completion of complex analyses aimed to quickly identifying solutions and alternatives.
  • Taking this into account, environmental impacts do not have to be directly considered in order to be reduced. We aim rather to perform a simplified Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to calculate the degree to which material and energy amount inputs can be decreased without incurring any additional environmental burdens.
  • thinkstep performs resource and energy efficiency analyses of products and whole process chains on the basis of LCA calculations.
  • Using resource and energy consumption as key parameters, we concentrate both on reducing consumption and finding potential alternatives. This allows for a much more exhaustive analysis by weighingthe benefits and drawbacks of various scenarios and thus providing a basis for making decisions.

Details of Benefits

  • Reduce energy demand and judge alternative solutions
  • Benchmark your processes to ‘Best Available Technology’ and to‘Average in your Line of Business’. Benchmark within your process chain,e.g. with regard to different suppliers.
  • Assess your material production through an environmental lens by usinga life cycle perspective.
  • Use GaBi software internally enabling your organisation to run fastsimulations of technology changes.
  • Get knowledge regarding the significance of the indirect effects ofresource and energy supplies.
  • Generating understanding of Life Cycle Thinking and integrate it into day-to-day business on all levels.
  • Obtain solid information regarding the environmental impacts of processes and products for the use of external communications.

GaBi Software helps you to increase your resource and energy efficiency


  • Reduce – energy demand
  • Benchmark – against best available technology
  • Assess – environmental impacts of material production
  • Embed – Life Cycle Thinking into your organisations operations
  • Communicate – more effectively internally and externally


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