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With about EUR 37 billion in total turnover and around 12,000 supermarkets, the EDEKA Group is the Number One in Germany's food retail sector. With the strategic focus on the successful distribution concepts of retailer-managed full-range supermarkets and the discount segment, the EDEKA Group is ideally positioned to enjoy continued growth in the future, both in terms of turnover and earnings, and to increase its high market share on a sustained basis.


The core business segment of the EDEKA Group is the full-range supermarket business man-aged by self employed retailers. A total of 4,500 EDEKA entrepreneurs powered the dynamic growth of the Group in 2008. This entrepreneurial element is being consistently boosted by means of the privatisation campaign launched in the year 2003. The Group's second mainstay is the discount segment, operated through the Netto Marken-Discount chain. Other growth sectors include the regional wholesale trade as well as EDEKA's own production facilities in such lines as butchery products and cold meats, bakery articles, fruit and vegetables, as well as wine.


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