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End of Life

GaBi extension database IXb

New Extension Database: end-of-life parameterised models

198 processes, 137 plans

This new extension database provides access to more than 130 parameterized GaBi plans.

These plans cover individual countries in the EU, but also average EU-28 situations and represent the EoL treatments for various relevant waste categories, including domestic waste, paper waste, plastic waste and glass waste.

For each waste category, the most relevant EoL recycling, incineration and landfill paths can be set via parameters. You can select different EoL modelling approaches (EF EoL methodology, avoided burden and cut-off), and you can analyze the related effects.

In these GaBi plans more than 50 processes are used, which represent the disposal in individual EU countries and also the wastewater treatment in different areas of Germany.


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