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Cobra Automotive Technologies S.P.A.

Client statement

"After having analysed different available supporting tools we decided to use the GaBi software and its sector specific databases for our work on environmental assessment and eco-design of vehicle security systems. Since then GaBi has efficiently supported us to characterize the eco-profile of a specific product during its life cycle and to identify and validate alternative design solutions to reduce environmental impact."

L. Thomazetto (COBRA), M. Pierini and M. Delogu (both University of Florence - Deparment of Mechanics and Industrial Technologies)


About our customer

Cobra Automotive Technologies is one of the major operators in the offer of integrated vehicle security solutions for the prevention of risks linked to vehicle usage and ownership, such as theft, robbery, frauds and accidents at low speed manoeuvres.

Cobra was founded in 1975 and is today the partner of the most important European and Asian vehicle manufacturers, for which it develops integrated solutions for original installation and is also present on the European and Asian markets with a network of more than 40 local distributors. Cobra has direct operations in China, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and UK.


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