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GaBi Packaging Calculator - Sustainable Packaging Design

GaBi Packaging Calculator - the tool for calculating LCA and MCI of your packaging design
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Identify the most sustainable design for your packaging

To meet the growing demand for more environmentally friendly packaging, you need a tool that provides you with a basis for making strategic decisions, such as the GaBi Packaging Calculator!

Create life cycle assessments of your packaging and compare them with alternative designs, even as a non-expert.

Get comprehensive and accurate results on the environmental impact of each alternative.

Calculate the MCI* of your packaging at the same time, without having to use another tool.

Communicate your results through automatically generated reports.

*Material Circularity Indicator, developed by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and Granta Design

What is the GaBi Packaging Calculator?

The GaBi Packaging Calculator is an LCA calculator specially designed for packaging. The web-based configuration tool allows you to create life cycle assessments and to simulate alternative packaging designs.
At the heart of the tool is a fully parameterized LCA model that traces the entire packaging product lifecycle. It contains dozens of GaBi datasets on materials and manufacturing processes that play a role in the production of packaging.

Is the GaBi Packaging Calculator for you?

  • Does packaging play a role in your company?
  • Would you like to receive quantified information about the environmental impact of your packaging designs?
  • Would you like the opportunity to simulate the viability of your products in addition to creating life cycle assessments?
  • Would you like to simulate how your current processes and materials compare to alternatives?
  • Want reports about your results at the touch of a button?

Want to do all this with a single tool that is easy to use even for non-experts?
The GaBi Packaging Calculator provides you information and the tools you need to make sound decisions in your sustainable packaging design at an excellent price-performance ratio.

What do I need to use the GaBi Packaging Calculator?

All you need is information about the materials and processes you use, access to the Internet and a valid subscription license from thinkstep. No need to install any software!

What does a GaBi Packaging Calculator subscription include?

Access to an easy-to-use web-based configuration tool

58 possible input parameters for materials and manufacturing processes that play a role in the production of packaging

Annual updates

What data does the GaBi Packaging Calculator use?

All the calculations and comparisons you make with the GaBi Packaging Calculator are based on information about materials and processes, types of energy and transportation routes that are relevant to the design of packaging. They come from the GaBi databases from thinkstep. This gives you the assurance of working with the most reliable and up-to-date data on the market! GaBi databases contain the know-how of over 30 years of sector experience. Our Life Cycle Assessment experts are in constant contact with the industry and related associations to ensure that your data is always up to date and that your results are accurate and meaningful.

Our clients receive annual GaBi database updates. This service is unique in the market! New insights and technologies are incorporated into the database for different industries and regions as they arise.

A typical example of what our data experts for packaging do
How much energy is needed to produce 1 kg of PET in China and what impact on the environment is involved? To answer this, it is necessary to know how PET is produced, what resources are used, how and with what energetic effort/resources are processed, what waste products are produced and what happens to them. Additionally, we need to know the electricity mix in China, how individual materials are transported and what happens in the end-of-life phase of PET.
All this and much more is contained in every single dataset of the GaBi Packaging Calculator, for every material and manufacturing process!

Simple to use drop-down selection of materials, manufacturing processes and regions.

The GaBi Packaging Calculator contains the following data:

61 specific materials: 14 plastics, 23 bioplastics, 2 metals, 6 adhesives, 7 solvents, 9 non-bioplastic renewables

18 manufacturing processes: injection molding, extrusion, can manufacturing, etc.

4 modes of transport: air, sea, road and rail

9 energy regions: EU, USA, China, Japan, South America, Australia, India, Russia, New Zealand (packaging & filling process only)

4 EoL options: recycling, incineration, landfilling, composting

Only on the basis of consistent and verifiable data can you make informed statements about the possible environmental effects of your packaging processes, such as in relationship to the greenhouse effect, ozone hole formation, acidification of the soil, etc.

How do I use the GaBi Packaging Calculator?

GaBi Packaging Calculator
On the left the UI with the different parameters, on the right the preview of the report.

The GaBi Packaging Calculator offers you an easy-to-use web interface. You only have to fill in the appropriate parameters.

Simply select the materials, manufacturing processes and transport routes that correspond to the current processes in the production of your packaging, and enter your values in the fields provided for each parameter.

The GaBi Packaging Calculator provides you with the results for your LCA and your MCI at the touch of a button. The corresponding report (i-report) is also available with one click, for example for download as a PDF file.

Further details are found in the product description and in our manual. You will receive these documents with your order of the GaBi Packaging Calculator.

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