GaBi Solutions



GaBi is a flexible, modular software with a drag-and-drop feature so modeling is easy.

Use the GaBi Plan editor to create models based on the processes in your production chain. Create unit process to describe your company specific situation, and supplement them with data sets from the GaBi Databases. The smart graphical editor enables you to quickly assemble complex yet transparent models, where you can also make first evaluations.

Categorize your process chains with the grouping feature

GaBi's grouping feature allows you to quickly and easily categorise the visual display of your model and the results of your study according to different criteria. Use GaBi’s default grouping categories or customize your own.

Intelligent Search feature

Locate datasets easily in the database hierarchy or use the intuitive and intelligent Search engine to find the dataset you need. Your own company-specific processes can also be integrated into this hierarchy.

Advanced modeling with Parameters

Using Parameters and the Parameter Explorer adds a new dimension to your modelling, your results analyses and even reporting. Use parameters to define variables and dependencies in your model. Modifying these variables opens up a range of advanced modelling functionalities to you, such as scenario management. This very user-friendly feature enables you to answer “what-if” questions immediately, for example, for benchmarking, product development or process optimization.

Parameters are also the basis for creating interactive reports (i-reports).

Manage your database and models

Manage your GaBi database and models with User Rights and Projects. Include documentation and notes within your model using the Sticky Notes.

Complex data issues like allocation can of course be conducted easily in GaBi.