GaBi Solutions

Results, Interpretation and Reporting

Results and Interpretation

You’ve collected data and created your model, now it’s time to analyse your results!

GaBi provides the complete Life Cycle Inventory of your products (e.g., primary energy demand or CO2 emissions). All material and energy consumptions and emissions/wastes that occurred will be listed. Drill down to see the contributions from each of the processes across your product life cycle.


The same is true for your Life Cycle Impact Assessment results, such as Global Warming Potential (Carbon Footprint). Results can be calculated according to any of the numerous impact methodologies included in the GaBi Databases. See how individual emissions contribute to an environmental impact and from which process they arise.

Customise your results view

The GaBi dashboard enables you to evaluate all your results at a glance. Customise your own dashboards and see your most relevant results instantly and in your personalised format regardless of what product you’re currently modelling.

The more traditional tabular results view - the GaBi Results - is also available with a wide range of analysis tools for results interpretation, graph function and export to Excel.

Interpret your results

Switch on Normalization and Weighting factors. You can even add your own weighting factors if desired.


The GaBi Analyst enables more advanced scenario analysis, sensitivity analysis and Monte Carlo analysis.

Get the complete picture

Life Cycle Costing (economic) and Life Cycle Working Environment (social) aspects can be assessed alongside the Life Cycle Impact Assessment (environmental) impacts to capture a more complete picture of the sustainability of your products.

Report your results

Standardise your reporting with customisable report templates in GaBi. Link parameters to your reports to make them interactive! The graphs and tables in your interactive reports (i-reports) will update as you try out different parameter values.