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thinkstep LCIA Survey 2012 (Weighting)

thinkstep LCIA Survey 2012 (Weighting)

In 2012, thinkstep contacted 660 LCA researchers and practitioners worldwide regarding the question which of the environmental impacts need to be addressed most urgently. The survey utilized a ratio estimation technique where the most important impact was to be assigned a value of 10, while all other ones could be assigned a value between 1 and 10. The respondents were asked to perform this evaluation on both a global level as well as a regional level, i.e., with regard to their region of residence.

Out of the 660 persons contacted, 245 completed the survey (37%). The composition of the sample is displayed below. The responses were used to create global as well as European and North-American weighting sets. The raw survey data is available from thinkstep upon request.

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