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TRUCOST Natural Capital Accounting global coefficients

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Trucost’s NCA valuation methodology monetizes traditional lifecycle assessment (LCA) impacts to help optimize product sustainability along the entire life cycle.

LCA studies performed with the GaBi software and databases, provide a comprehensive assessment of a product’s environmental footprint, from the generation of raw materials and production processes to the product’s in-use and end-of-life stages. This enables companies to assess product design with respect to e.g. climate change, energy use, water, land use, and other environmental indicators.

These traditional environmental impacts prevent practitioners from directly comparing trade-offs among different environmental issues, mask the regional implications of product sustainability, and present information in very technical terms that are not broadly accessible to business people or consumers.

Trucost’s NCA valuation methodology is enhancing traditional LCA impacts with natural capital valuations. For example, Trucost quantifies the cost of ozone generating substances to health, crops and ecosystems, quantifies the cost of water use, and quantifies the cost of environmental services that are lost when land is converted to business use.

In this way, the NCA methodology provides a common economic metric to compare the relative scale and risk of different environmental impacts to drive sustainable product strategies – and a more meaningful way to engage stakeholders.

Currently, only global NCA values are available in GaBi. Implementation of regional or local values will follow the development of these features in the GaBi software.

NCA values are implemented into GaBi as a set of weighting factors and can be directly summarized to give a single score results, and the values are also available as a GaBi dashboard. 

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