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GaBi Envision - the LCA, EPD and Ecodesign tool

Need an easy to use eco design software, a one-click LCA tool or footprint calculator?

Get it all with one tool. Compare scenarios, calculate LCAs and generate EPDs
to identify the most sustainable design for your products!

GaBi Envision supports you to easily integrate Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) into your internal processes, quickly evaluating scenarios or what-if analysis and communicating your product sustainability efforts using automated reports.

Easily enable LCAs for everybody

GaBi Envision enables you to quickly and accurately understand the sustainability performance of products and compare alternatives, without the need to be an LCA expert!

Reduce time and costs

Design more sustainable products

Enhance your brand

An easy-to-use LCA tool at your fingertips!

GaBi Envision supports the creation of:

LCA - Life Cycle Assessment

EPD - Environmental Product Declaration, according to EPD system holders (e.g., IBU)

Environmental Footprint Calculation (Carbon Footprint, Water Footprint, etc.)

Design for Environment (DfE)


Ecodesign made easy

GaBi Envision is an intuitive web application that empowers you to design more sustainable products and communicate their environmental impacts, also without being an LCA expert.

Scenario Analysis: compare alternative product designs using parameters

Make your sustainability decisions based on facts, not on assumptions, by using state-of-the-art GaBi LCA data

Generate customized environmental reports with one click and share them internally as PDFs or RTFs

Integrate GaBi Envision as a calculation engine via API into your IT systems (CAD, ERP or PLM software) for an even higher level of LCA / EPD automation and efficiency

Who uses GaBi Envision?

Because it is intuitive, stakeholders in all organizational departments can use GaBi Envision with or without LCA modelling experience.

Sustainability Department

Product Design and Product Development



For associations, GaBi Envision is an ideal platform to enable all members to perform consistently individual product LCAs, safeguarding confidential information.

Identify the most sustainable designs

GaBi Envision helps you to find answers on questions like:

Which materials / components are more advantageous?

What is the best transportation method?

Where should I produce my product?

Is it worth changing the processing steps?

Which energy source is most sustainable?


GaBi Envision Web Interface

If you use it either as an LCA software, ecodesign tool, EPD generator or a simple footprint calculator, the GaBi Envision web interface provides fast access from everywhere in the world without the need of a local installation. Just use you login data to create sustainable designs of you products.

lca tool GaBi Envision - web interface
Change parameters in the input area on the left hand side and see the resulting environmental impacts directly on the right side

GaBi Envision Desktop Version and GaBi Envision API

GaBi Envision is also available as local desktop version. GaBi Envision API is an integrated solution that supports the automation of LCAs and EPDs. It can be connected in your existing IT infrastructure such as CAD, PLM or ERP systems.
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