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Quickly configure LCA models to reach your targets

GaBi Envision is a web-based application from thinkstep that enables experts and non-experts alike to create an LCA within minutes. There is 3-step approach to using GaBi Envision:

Step 1 - LCA modelling in GaBi ts

LCA Model in GaBi ts

A product-specific parameterized LCA model is created in GaBi ts and then uploaded to the GaBi Envision web application.

Step 2 - Configuration & Scenario Comparison in GaBi Envision

By defining the parameter values, the LCA expert configures various scenarios for the product model and compares the resulting environmental performance expressed by individually defined LCI parameters or impacts.


Step 3 - Generation of reports with one click in GaBi Envision

GaBi Envision presents a case-specific report derived from the results of your chosen scenario. This is a built-in functionality of GaBi Envision that enables you to make quick decisions based on standardized reports.

Two different level of automation addressed by GaBi Envision



1. GaBi Envision - Web Application

GaBi Envision is available as a web application with a standard user interface (UI) as illustrated in the image below.

User interface of GaBi Envision

Configuring the different scenarios in the parameter input area triggers an LCA result calculation and enables you to compare it to your benchmark through the resulting analysis.

So GaBi Envision provides access to preview charts and completed reports. GaBi Envision will always reflect the customer-specific situation on all three levels: parameter input, preview charts and the reporting template.

You can use GaBi Envision to generate EPDs, such as in the Santex case study or in the Anter case study.

2. GaBi Envision API

In addition, a server API of GaBi Envision without a user interface is available. The GaBi Envision API comes with more sophisticated data interfaces to connect GaBi Envision to other IT systems within a company.

This allows you to use the LCA calculation function in combination with the reporting capabilities of GaBi Envision. GaBi Envision works as a black-box calculating engine connected to a PLM or ERP system, for example.

The following image illustrates GaBi Envision’s API work flow when connected to other IT systems.



NKT is an example of the use of the GaBi Envision Server API.


Benefits of GaBi Envision API

User friendly

Time and money savings as a result of greater efficiencies

Configuration based on your PLM / ERP system

According to your needs and the specifications of your PLM system, we offer a configurable API (Application Programming Interface) that enables you to generate automated LCAs and EPDs.

Read more about the automization of LCA and EPD




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