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GaBi Circularity Toolkit - Circular Economy Software

GaBi Circularity Toolkit - Circular Economy Software for MCI calculation
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Calculate the MCI of your products directly in GaBi!

With the GaBi Circularity Toolkit you can determine the MCI* (Material Circularity Indicator) of your products based on GaBi Life Cycle Models. GaBi, in conjunction with the Circularity Toolkit, is the only software on the market that supports both LCA and MCI calculations!

Combine classic life cycle assessment and MCI calculations with just one software!

Calculate the material circularity easily and directly in your existing GaBi LCA models and avoid wasting time with any other software.

Create scientific reports and communicate accurate results.

*Developed by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and Granta Design

What is the GaBi Circularity Toolkit?

The GaBi Circularity Toolkit is a circular economy add-on for thinkstep’s GaBi software. It consists of a plan model with circular economy processes and flows as well as a report template where all MCI metrics are implemented. You can then use the data records from the toolkit in your own LCA models. The material circularity indicator is automatically calculated and evaluated in the report template.

Another part of the package is a one-day workshop, which will consist of:

An introduction to the concept of Circular Economy

Success factors and emerging trends within your industry

An explanation of the Ellen-MacArthur methodology for determining material circularity

Hands-on training: how to use the GaBi Circularity Toolkit to integrate the MCI into your own GaBi model

A thinkstep Circular Economy expert will conduct the workshop at your site.

Software & License Terms

Software Model:
Toolkit for integration into GaBi software

Licensing model:

Perpetual license, named seat

Is the GaBi Circularity Toolkit suitable for you?

  • Do you already use our GaBi life cycle assessment software?
  • Do you see an opportunity with the concept of Circular Economy to promote your product sustainability and would you like to be able to make quantified statements about the circularity of your products and processes?
  • Do you want to reproduce the viability (in the form of the MCI) in your GaBi models with a manageable effort without having to familiarize yourself with new software tools?
  • Would you also like to use the information on materials and processes that you already use in your LCA models for your MCI calculations?
  • Do you want to generate reports about the MCI of your products at the push of a button?

Do you not have GaBi software yet, but are interested in life cycle assessment and the circular economy? We are happy to inform you about our software solutions and consulting services in the areas of product and corporate sustainability.

What do I need to use the GaBi Circularity Toolkit?

In addition to LCA calculations, you need our GaBi ts software with existing plan models as well as the Tookit described above.

You can directly transfer the information about your processes and the materials you use to create your life cycle assessments into the calculation of the MCI.

In addition, you need information about the life and intensity of use of an average product.

By the way: With GaBi DfX you can import your Bill of Materials (BOM) directly into the GaBi ts software!

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GaBi Circularity Toolkit