GaBi Solutions

GaBi Maintenance Service

What is the GaBi maintenance service?

The GaBi maintenance service ensures you are always running the newest, most up to date GaBi Software & Databases maximizing the value of your GaBi Software perpetual license

What is included in the GaBi maintenance service?

The GaBi maintenance service includes:

  • GaBi Software updates: access to the latest software releases and updates using the automatic update functionality, quick and simple. You will receive a notification when a new GaBi version is available, just install the updates and start using the latest software functions and tools for a fast and efficient work.
  • We update and enlarge GaBi Databases annually: GaBi datasets are centrally and consistently reviewed by thinkstep´s LCA specialists to meet the highest quality standards. A new version of your GaBi Databases will arrive punctually every year making available the latest LCI data. You just need to update your databases and models for access to superior sustainability decision making.
  • Technical support: GaBi Software customers with a valid maintenance service receive premium support Monday to Friday from 08:00am to 5pm CET by telephone (+49 711 341 817 54) or email support-gabi spamgeschützt @ spamgeschützt Our support engineers are equipped with web conferencing tools including chat, screen sharing and remote menu control guaranteeing a fast and efficient response.


How can I renew my GaBi maintenance service?

If you hold a valid GaBi maintenance service we will simply send you an invoice 45 days before your maintenance is due to expire. All you need to do is follow the instructions on the invoice to renew your maintenance. Once we receive your payment, your GaBi maintenance will be renewed automatically and you’ll continue receiving software and database upgrades and updates for another 12 months. If you have any questions about your GaBi maintenance service please write us at gabi spamgeschützt @ spamgeschützt

How can I cancel my GaBi maintenance service?

Cancelling your GaBi maintenance service means you will no longer have access to GaBi Software & Databases updates. Only limited technical service support is available.

If you do choose to cancel your maintenance, you need to do so at least 3 months before your maintenance is due to expire. Simply inform your local GaBi consultant of your decision in writing. You can also send us an email to gabi spamgeschützt @ spamgeschützt

Available discounts for multi-year GaBi maintenance service

Multi-year discount are offered to GaBi Software customers who are willing to prepaid for two or more years of GaBi maintenance service. Contact to your sales representative now and benefit of the available discounts.