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Part 2 | Scenario Modelling

Part 2: How to conduct scenario modeling using GaBi

Building on your basic knowledge of GaBi, this digs deeper into the creation of interactive models and scenario modeling using GaBi. Please select a chapter from the options below or click chapter one to play them all.


To work through each of the chapters of Part 2 of the Paper Clip Tutorial, it's best to go to the "GaBi Learning Center Part 2 | Scenario Modelling" playlist on our YouTube channel below, where the video chapters play in sequence.


Single Chapters

If you only want to watch single chapters, you can reach them directly via the following links:

01) What is scenario modelling? (2:33)

02) Parameters (08:00)

03) Building the scenario interface (03:39)

04) Creating scenario groups and scenarios (01:19)

05) Establishing the i-report start settings (02:22)

06) Creating collapsible sections

07) Getting the model done (01:04)

08) Creating drop-down menus (05:09)

09) Creating sliders and setting min and max values (01:07)

10) Activating a scenario, viewing the plan and the LCIA preview (02:04)

11) Creating an i-report with an existing template (00:54)

12) Building the i-report - Inserting a diagram (05:26)

13) Building the i-report - Inserting a table (04:30)

14) Building the i-report - Structure, appearance and editing (07:31)

15) Saving a report (01:13)

16) Exporting an i-report (04:14)

Paper Clip Tutorial Database

In order to complete this tutorial, you need the Paper Clip Tutorial database.

If you don't have the database yet, please download it here, connect the database to GaBi and activate it.

Please note: this database cannot be used in conjunction with a GaBi Demo or GaBi Education license. The GaBi demo version is already delivered with the Paper Clip Tutorial Database and the GaBi Education Database contains all the objects from the Paper Clip Tutorial.

Rather read the handbook than watch the video?

Please note that the tutorial videos are also available in handbook-form for download.


Paper_Clip_Tutorial - Part1


Paper_Clip_Tutorial - Part2

i-report template

You can download the i-report template mentioned in chapter 11 here.