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GaBi ts Version History

Starting with GaBi version 9.5, you will find the release notes in the Sphera Customer Network (SCN).


Version: GaBi ts 9.5

Release date: 2020-06-17


The new GaBi version 9.5 is now available!

Benefit from new features, better performance, improved usability and a few other changes we made to improve the software!



Version: GaBi ts 9.2.1

Release date: 2020-02-20


Important information:

GaBi version 9.2.1 comes along with Service Packs 40 and the new Database 2020 Edition.

The documents listed below give you detailed information on how to upgrade your database and the changes made during the installation of the service packs and database upgrades.




New Features


  • This release supports the new Content SP 40/GUP 14 update (database version 2020)
  • ILCD import/export now supports SP 40





Version: GaBi ts 9.2

Release date: 2019-07-09


Important information:

GaBi version 9.2 comes along with Service Packs 39 and Professional Database Update

The documents listed below give you detailed information on how to upgrade your database and the changes made during the installation of the service packs and database upgrades.




TSX import/export

  • In rare cases, write protected objects were not handled correctly. This has been corrected.




Version: GaBi ts 9.1

Release date: 2019-06-06


GaBi 9.1 Release information:

GaBi 9.1 Fixes

  • TSX import / export: Linked datasets were not exported properly
  • Results window
    • Calculate button was greyed out, when multiple plans/processes were selected
    • Stored balances did not show the default dashboards anymore
  • ''Location of storage'' sometimes only showed the parent folder and not the object

Version: GaBi ts 9.0

Release date: 2019-05-14


Important information:

GaBi version 9.0 comes along with Service Packs 38 and Database hotfix for Extension database XXII

The documents listed below give you detailed information on how to upgrade your database and the changes made during the installation of the service packs and database upgrades.



New functions


Navigation tree in plan window

  • Show plan structure as a tree on the left hand side of plan window
  • Use tree to navigate through plan structure
  • Clicking on a box in the plan highlights the item in the tree
  • Clicking on an object in tree highlights the box in the plan
  • View local name or database object name in tree and plan

Auto alignment of boxes on plan

  • Show a grid on the plan background
  • Show alignment lines when moving boxes on plan and snapping them to the grid
  • Align boxes on plans, horizontally & vertically
  • Align the size of boxes
  • Automatic layout of complete plans

EF 2.0 support

  • Process documentation with updated EF 2.0 quantities
  • ILCD import/export based on EF 2.0

New dashboards

  • EF 2.0
  • TRACI 2.1
  • CML 2016
  • ReCiPe 2016

Updated learning center videos linked directly in GaBi ts



  • Show “data provider” icons on process boxes on plans
  • Export all plans/processes on a plan to excel
  • Select multiple objects on a plan and apply same action to all





  • Opening Parameter Explorer and its navigation: up to 50x faster
  • Copy balance results to clipboard: up to 25x faster


  • Show reference year for GaBi object as a column in object lists
  • Locked databases: don't allow any actions that can cause issues
  • [Ctrl+W] shortcut properly toggles through all open GaBi windows
  • “Show Parent Plan” menu in process instance window

TSX import/export

  • Progress bar also for tsx export
  • Drag & drop of complete projects to another database
  • Drag & drop of complete folders to another database
  • Import log now also shown after drag&drop data exchange
  • Database history now records also changes from drag&drop data imports
  • Default filename of tsx export file now carries info on Service Pack
  • Better understandable warnings and messages
  • Object details to be shown in import object list can be customized
  • TSX import window is now resizeable

ILCD import/export

  • Improved handling of EF 2.0 objects
    Imported ILCD flows are flagged with an ILCD provider icon
    Imported ILCD flows are now re-exported with their original properties (folder, type, UUID)
  • Corrected unit conversion from kBq to Bq for radioactive flows during import
  • Logfiles with more details on import/export
  • Logfile name now has a time stamp to distinguish multiple import/exports
  • Improved handling of documentation links
  • GaBi can now handle tampered UUID’s in ILCD files from other software vendors 

GaBi Server improvements

  • The default value for a connection timeout has been increased
  • TSX import into GaBi Server databases now restricted to Administrators



TSX import/export

  • In rare cases, scenarios were duplicated. This has been corrected.
  • In rare cases, write protected objects were wrongly flagged as modified after import. This has been corrected.

ILCD import/export

  • ILCD Images in process documentation were lost during import. This has been corrected.

GaBi DfX

  • Changes in the ISO form of a product model are not lost anymore after saving

GaBi Envision (desktop)

  • Dashboards are now available again.


  • In rare cases processes were created with duplicate flows. This has been corrected.
  • The crash of GaBi ts software when deleting dashboards has been fixed.


  • A license change now always requires a restart to continue in GaBi correctly
  • Some thinkstep datasets are marked as "Use with caution“, e.g. special attention flows, flows with special recommendations, flows with special issues, and (partly) non-compliant flows. The user can search for these objects.
  • EcoSPOLD V1 Import/Export has been deactivated as it is outdated





Version: GaBi ts 8.7.1

Release date: 2019-02


Important information:

GaBi version 8.7.1 comes along with Service Packs 37 and the new Database 2019 Edition.

The documents listed below give you detailed information on how to upgrade your database and the changes made during the installation of the service packs and database upgrades.




Environmental Footprint (EF) - important notice


Working with EF Data provided in GaBi


With release of the GaBi Database 2019 Edition the latest and official EF 2.0 characterisation factors are provided as well as the mapping to the official units and official elementary flows by the ILCD export/import function.


EF 2.0 version is the only one to be used for PEF/OEF results and to create EF data as ILCD export file.




  • Do not use previous versions of EF characterisation factors and ILCD zip archives anymore!
  • Earlier versions of EF/ILCD LCIA methods and flow lists have no official status and datasets developed with those earlier versions may not be claimed EF compliant.
  • In case you have been using a previous version of EF characterisation factors, please update any created dataset by re-export, respectively re-calculate results using the EF 2.0 in GaBi (datasets created by users should also be double-checked with recent official EF documents, before claiming compliance).
  • EF 3.0 is in parallel online at the EC website, since December 2018. This version may be used exclusively for new to-be-developed PEFCRs/OEFSRs in the transition phase (hence not yet included in GaBi).


New Features


  • This release supports the new Content SP 37/GUP 13 update (database version 2019)
  • ILCD import/export now supports SP 37 and EF 2.0 format
  • Note: ILCD import/export for SP 37 Databases will support only EF 2.0, older versions of EF are no longer supported. Only import EF 2.0 archives into SP 37 databases to get consistent results in GaBi! Also import and export using databases with a service pack elder than SP37 are no longer possible.



  • tsx drag and drop of objects between databases are recorded in history again
  • For ILCD import/export
    • The handling of regionalized flows improved
    • Object classifications and flow types have been corrected
    • For radioactive flows the conversion between Bq and KBq has been corrected
    • The reference to the technology flow Diagram or picture has been corrected




Version: GaBi ts 8.7

Release date: 2018-05


GaBi 8.7 Release information:


GaBi 8.7 Software Fixes


  • Parameter Input action is now working again
  • GaBi sometimes saves plan automatically without asking - this has been corrected
  • Corrected failure to create new databases
  • Corrected issue with GaBi sometimes be blocked for some time
  • Resolved issue with  Product Model containing EoL plans causing e.g. balances to fail


GaBi Database Content Fix

  • Database content fix:


The documents listed below give you detailed information on how to upgrade your database.


GaBi database update guide: click here to view/download




Version: GaBi ts and Service Pack 36

Release date: 2018-05-15


Important information:


GaBi ts comes along with Service Packs 36

The documents listed below give you detailed information on how to upgrade your database and the changes made during the installation of the service pack.



Version: GaBi ts 8.6

Release date: 2018-04-11


GaBi 8.6 Improvements


  • Performance improvement in GaBi parameter explorer
  • Performance improvement on loading databases

GaBi 8.6 Defect Fixes

  • "ILCD PEF (v1.09) Recommendations" dashboard was empty
  • Typo in German user interface
  • In individual cases Envision had problems loading gbmx files from GaBi 8.5
  • In individual cases GaBi had problems uploading server databases
  • In individual cases problems occurred with the data exchange in tsx format
  • In individual cases parameter lists in parameter explorer were displayed incorrectly



Version: GaBi ts 8.5

Release date: 2018-02-22


Important information:

GaBi version 8.5 comes along with Service Packs 35 and the new Database 2018 Edition.

The documents listed below give you detailed information on how to upgrade your database and the changes made during the installation of the service packs and database upgrades.




New Features


  • Support of newest ILCD flow list
  • Diagram option "Scale positive maximum to 100%"
  • Databases can be updated with a right click in the background
  • More than one database can be updated in the background



  • All tables in product models can be sorted by mass, material, process name,...
  • Icons in database list indicate status and topicality of databases
  • Performance improvement for gbmx files by factor 5-10


  • "Edit instance color" button was greyed out in plan window
  • Fix of instabilities during database updates
  • Fix of several singular import/export problems
  • Wrong calculation in i-report variable in singluar case



Version: GaBi ts 8.2

Release date: 2017-12-12
Version 8.2


GaBi 8.2 Release information:




  • Performance improvements on saving objects
  • Performance improvements on starting/activating databases

GaBi Software Fixes


  • GaBi DfX: the menu entry for the „Parameter Import“ is available again.
  • Data exchange: drag & drop transfer of projects from one database to another available again
  • Critical fix: In certain constellations, the information on extended allocations got lost.
  • Ökobau.dat export: Reference flow of product system is now exported as well
  • BOM Import Tool: mappings for manufacturing steps were not recognized in GaBi 8.1
  • tsx import & Server submit:  Critical fix - many objects were marked as changed although they were not changed

GaBi Database Content Fix

  • Database content fix: The 15 IC WLP CSP processes released in the "Extension database XI: electronics 2017" are inaccurate. The correction of this will lead to relevant LCI changes in the affected 15 data sets, with changes e.g. in the GWP Impact results between about -30% to +60%, compared to the currently available Versions of these data sets. Note that the other IC datasets are not affected.


The documents listed below give you detailed information on how to upgrade your database.


GaBi database update guide: click here to view/download




Version: GaBi ts 8.1

Release date: 2017-09-20
Version 8.1


GaBi 8.1 Release information:

GaBi 8.1, Service Packs 34 and Database Update September 2017.


  • New worldsteel LCI datasets on carbon steel products
    - 20 new and 26 updated datasets
  • Integration of global industry average for copper cathode from ICA
  • Brazilian Gasoline mix data – CO2 uptake is corrected
  • ReCiPe 2016 is updated
  • EPS 2015d is implemented
  • EF 1.8 is implemented
  • EN15804 Quantities for Acidification and Eutrophication

The documents listed below give you detailed information on how to upgrade your database and the changes made during the installation of the service packs and database upgrades.



GaBi ILCD Import/Export


  • is now PEF conform
  • ILCD Import/Export now supports regionalized flows
  • Compatibility with newest ILCD flow list

New! Ökobau.dat export


  • for EN15804 conform ecological evaluations of buildings

GaBi 8.1 Improvements


  • tsx now imports attachments when needed
  • tsx now sets the correct last change date for imported objects
  • Improved Chinese, French and Japanese translations




Version: GaBi ts 8.0

Release date: 2017-07-20
Version 8.0

GaBi 8.0 has new look and feel!


The layout has been adapted to thinkstep guide lines with

  • Colors and fonts adapted to thinkstep guidelines
  • New simple and clear action icons
  • Colored process icons reflecting process content
  • A search box has been added to all object windows to allow quick search at any time
  • Context and drop down menus have been made consistent, which has led to some renaming and reordering, e.g.

o     "Open/Close database" instead of "Activate/Deactivate database", which are the standard database terms

o    "Backup database" instead of "Send DB to file"

o    Link local database instead of Connect local database

o    Analysis Manager now in Tools drop down menu

o    All Import/Export capabilities are now in the Edit drop down menu


GaBi 8.0 has a new tree structure with 5 sections, reflecting the different stages of an Life Cycle Assessment

  • Projects - Modelling - Assessment - Documentation - Administration
  • A user can revert to classic tree in the view drop down menu


New capabilities in GaBi 8.0

tsx is the new data exchange format between GaBi databases, replacing the gbx format

  • gbx has been causing issues for quite some time, the new tsx format  contains more consistent information  resulting in a significantly better quality
  • gbx export is not available anymore, but gbx import will continue to be available for a limited amount of time to allow users to continue to import existing gbx files.
  • Drag and Drop between databases is now based on tsx, and not gbx
  • The import UI has been improved:

o    Showing more detailed information for every item

o    Suggesting best default actions for every imported object are set, but they may be modified individually or en bloc

o    User can set standard actions Create, Copy, Replace, Merge - keep local data, Merge - keep import data and Ignore

o    Highlighting those details, which will be imported, depending on the import options set

o    Import options may be saved and re-loaded for future imports

o    Imports are  validated , if errors are detected import allows the user to correct the import setting, so that database cannot be corrupted


ILCD export is now PEF compliant, supporting all PEF required data set information

  • The process documentation section has been extended, so that the user can enter all needed information:

o    Dataset completeness

o    Quality compliance

o    LCIA results

o    Permanent URI information


  • All PEF compliant information is exported


GaBi 8.0 and GaBi Server 2.0 now support "Multi-group objects":

  • When publishing a database, now more than one group can be assigned to a GaBi object, so that security and collaboration requirements can be met
  • In GaBi then additional groups may be assigned to an object to support the customers in-house distribution of work and workflow through their processes


GaBi 8.0 improvements


  • For a plan

o    The user can now add region, name, source, type information

o    The user can now permanently save their instance color settings


  • For a flow, the user can now add country information

  • In GaBi Search

o    "Usage" information can be requested directly from the search results window

o    The user can search for flows by country

o    The user can search for GUIDs without entering curly brackets


  • For flows, quantities and units, the user can now add comments

  • Large GaBi folder names (1500 characters) and process names (100 characters) supported

  • For every object list

o    The columns to be seen or hidden, can now be selected in the GaBi Options

o    In addition GUIDs can be shown


  • GaBi 8.0 has updated default dashboard templates for the latest environmental indicators


Other changes to be aware of


  • GaBi 8.0 comes with a new database scheme (8006)

o    When  GaBi customers open a database with GaBi 8.0, the database will be automatically updated

o    Server customers will have to unlink their database(s), the administrator will then do the database update and re-publish. All users will then download the updated database

  • GaBi Server customers will need to update to GaBi Server 2.0, GaBi 8.0 will not work with previous versions of GaBi Server

  • GaBi 8.0 is now supported on Windows 10, using an updated licensing component

  • Both GaBi and GaBi server now contain a Java Runtime Environment (JRE). If there is no JRE the user's hardware,  this will be used to run GaBi and GaBi Server. The size increase for download is about 125MB.

  • GaBi 8.0 and GaBi Server require Java 7 or Java 8. Previous Java versions are not supported anymore.

  • GaBi 8.0 and all GaBi products (Demo, Education, Envision (desktop), BOM Import tool, GaBi Server) are available only as a 64 bit version

o    Customers with 32bit OS/hardware will need to upgrade to 64bit OS/hardware

  • The Process Recording Tool is not available anymore

  • The Ecolab import is not available anymore


 In addition over 300 reported issues have been addressed in GaBi 8.0





Version: GaBi ts, Databases 2017 Edition

Release date: 2017-02-14
Version 7.3.3


Important information:

GaBi version 7.3.3 comes along with Service Packs 33 and the new Database 2017 Edition.

The documents listed below give you detailed information on how to upgrade your database and the changes made during the installation of the service packs and database upgrades.






Version: GaBi ts and Service Pack 30

Release date: 2016-07-27
Version 7.3


Important information:

GaBi version 7.3 comes along with Service Packs 30

The documents listed below give you detailed information on how to update your database and the changes made during the installation of the GaBi Service Pack.



IMPORTANT NOTICE: GaBi Syndication Server customers who update to GaBi 7.3 must also update to GaBi Syndication Server 1.4



Performance improvement


  • for activating and updating databases
    (up to 40% faster)

  • when publishing/downloading databases to GaBi Syndication Server
    (up to 25% faster)

  • for modifications with that have a deep impact on other objects in the database (Change flow, Change quantity, Change QA status)
    (up to 50% faster)



New progress bar with meaningful feedback how long the action will take


  • Show which step of total number of steps is being executed

  • Show percentage done & elapsed time



Improved Verifications


  • Find lost flow connections on plans (so actually find undetermined plans) - these need to be corrected before running LCA calculations

  • Warn about impact of changing parameter name (in process & plan) - changing the name of a parameter which is often used may result in undefined formulas or equations and may mean many manual corrections in many places



Improved search functionality


GaBi now lists all available "Data on Demand" items when user searches, so that they can get in touch with thinkstep to acquire needed LCA content



Support data collection the latest released LCA Hub 1.3.


  • Use flows with customer specific units and quantities

  • Support German databases



Better support environments without a local profile


In many companies the user's Windows profile is not stored locally. GaBi uses Windows profile folders to store settings and databases. This may cause performance issues and upon loss of connection can also destroy databases. We now do allow these configurations, but also warn the user of these possible issues.



GaBi Syndication Server 1.4 Improvements


  • Syndication Server can authenticate with LDAP server for better integration in an enterprise environment

  • When submitting to server or updating from server, the list of new, changed or deleted objects may be saved to Excel and/or copied to clipboard for further review

  • More robust handling of issues (e.g. connection failures) and more meaningful error feedback by returning standard http error codes

  • Revised Syndication Server Admin Guide


 Defect Fixes


 Over 100 defects fixed





Version: GaBi ts, Database Update 2016 and Service Pack 29

Release date: 2016-01-28
Version 7.2.1


Important information:

GaBi version 7.2.1 comes along with Service Packs 29 and the new Database 2016.

The documents listed below give you detailed information on how to upgrade your database and the changes made during the installation of the service packs and database upgrades.



New features:

New: Support of Service Pack 29


Improvement: Spelling mistake in Info Screen

Improvement: Copy/Paste from DB Info screen possible




Version: GaBi ts

Release date: 2015-12-09




New features:

New:    Connectivity to new LCA Hub features
New:    Bubble chart with 2 separate value axes
New:    Spider chart with automatic axis scaling


Improvement: Performance of saving objects was improved.
Improvement: Scroll bar in search window was hidden.



Fix:     Canceling "Replace objects" function did not work.
Fix:     Disconnected Server DB's could not be opened afterwards.
Fix:     In one case, manual allocations got lost during Service pack 28 installation




Version: GaBi Service Pack 28

Release date: 2015-10-14



Important information:

As part of our on-going quality assurance process at thinkstep we discovered some anomalies in the database and this service pack and database update update will address these.


The documents listed below give you detailed information on the changes made during the installation of the service packs and database update.



New data available:


Additional datasets that were published in ELCD 3.1 are now also available in GaBi for your convenience in European Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) and other studies. The datasets come from the industry associations ACE, CCA, ECI, Euro-graph, FEVE, GlassFibre Europe, IMA Europe and worldsteel.
Just integrate the content via drag and drop into your database.


Downoad the English version: Download here


Download the German version: Download here


Important note: Import requires a database in SP28




Version: GaBi ts

Release date: 2015-07-14




New features:

New:    New design of the GaBi start screen and portal
New:    Our new data collection tool "LCA Hub" is integrated into GaBi and available for all GaBi users
New:    Extended search functionality to search through our online dataset library and documentation
New: 15x performance increase when loading databases containing multiple scenarios



Fix:    Actualization problem in scenario calculation