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LCA and EPD Automation

Automation of LCA and EPD

Create LCAs and EPDs faster and more effectively!

Is it possible to create LCAs (Life Cycle Assessments) or EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations) in a few hours or even with the click on a button?
Yes! The key is standardized and automated solutions, which provide not only application-specific software functionality and user guidance, but also corresponding LCA database contents.

Many companies recognized the critical contribution of environmental product lifecycle analysis to product development and successful product communication, yet creating such analytics still requires a lot of effort.

The associated project work requires an LCA expert to collect the necessary information about a product or the associated production processes from different departments within the company and then to consolidate it in a complex step and to make it available for use in special software.

Standardization and automation throughout this process provides the foundation for you to create LCAs and EPDs
efficiently and in a way that can be easily reproduced. Following are the different available solutions available.

Automate your LCA and EPD creation

Solutions for automated creation of LCAs and EPDs can be categorized as shown below:

Parameterized LCA models:
By integrating parameters into LCA models, you can adapt an existing LCA model and a product-specific situation by simple configuration (selection of options via drop-down menus) or input of parameter values (see our article "EPDs Made Easy with the Environmental Calculator")

Dynamically generated LCA models:
The use of defined formats to describe necessary product information such as BOM import enables you to create LCAs and EPDs by interpreting the available information and automating the LCA model (eg Zumtobel / Schüco)

You can automate LCAs and EPDs in these two ways through software-based solutions with or without a user interface. In the case of software solutions with a specific user interface, the automation is realized through a special LCA software. Using software-based solutions without a user interface, elements of the LCA specialty software are used as computational intelligence and are integrated as API in proprietary IT solutions.

Which advantages do automated LCA and EPD solutions offer?

The automated creation of LCAs and EPDs provides the following benefits:

You can reduce the time and thus the specific costs per LCA or EPD (reduction potential> 90% possible

It is much easier for you to achieve reproducibility, consistency and high quality results by using a process rather than by manual entry

LCAs and EPDs obtained from process-based automated solutions can achieve automatically a validation / certification by having the process validated as such. Only the software-based process needs to be validated, the LCAs / EPDs derived from a certified/verified process are per se considered as verified

The automated and standardized process allows you to create predefined report templates and further increase the efficiency of creating LCAs and EPDs

Report templates and pre-defined models enable you to efficiently analyse and interpret your LCA and EPD results

Availability of LCA or EPD is defined through the process-based approach and can thus make the integration of environmental and social aspects manageable as an integral part of the in-house product development process

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