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Certification of Buildings

What is Sustainability Certifications of buildings and Green Building Rating?

A sustainable building combines high environmental quality and ambitious health & comfort performance, excellent technical quality and long-term perspective building functions, without exceeding budget.

Certify your buildings with the help of thinkstep's Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).


  • According to “what get’s measured get’s done”, sustainable building rating tools and certificates offer outstanding planning guidelines, quantification methods and benchmarks for a large number of environmental, social and economic aspects.
  • The real estate sector asks for marketing green and sustainable buildings. Assessment systems such as BREEAM, LEED, DGNB and HQE are more and more widespread and become market relevant.
  • The youngest member of the family, the German DGNB certificate, offers the benchmark for highest and most comprehensively assessed quality of buildings. It has been applied in more than 80 office and administrative, commercial and industry buildings in practice since autumn 2008 and offers a clear orientation concerning matters of sustainable building. Certification of buildings is the instrument for clearly highlighting your commitment in sustainability.
  • We support you in developing a successful strategy and accompany you on the way to a certified and sustainable building – from the planning stage through the pre-certification till the certificate of your new or modernised building (e.g. office, commercial or industry building).
  • thinkstep offers you one-stop solutions: advice, calculation of building LCA, audits, recommendations of optimizations, comparison of options and communication. Our team consists of DGNB auditors, DGNB instructors and DGNB conformity inspector
  • thinkstep also advice you on other national and international assessment systems, such as LEED or BREEAM, and inform you of the consequences for your product, if you are a producer of building materials or systems.

Details of Benefits

  • Realize sustainability in all dimensions systematically and comparably according to standard guidelines.
  • Improve sustainability performance and in this way increase value and attractiveness of the real estate. Meanwhile it is often easier to convey certified buildings than not certified.
  • Minimize risks through higher renting rates of green buildings.
  • Point out your commitment far beyond the normal commitments as a developer or investor.
  • Display your strong efforts and contribution to sustainable building.

Perform Sustainability Certifications of buildings and Green Building Rating with GaBi Software


  • Improve – sustainability performance for business advantage
  • Demonstrate – leadership in the market
  • Attract – growing number of tenants looking for green buildings
  • Realize – higher rental income
  • Differentiate – against your competitors




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