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GaBi LCA Database Documentation

GaBi database documentation

This documentation provides information about data sets included in the GaBi Databases.

The data sets are based on know-how from our long-term co-operation with industry as well as patent, technical and scientific literature, making the GaBi Databases one of the most comprehensive LCI databases worldwide.

Wide range of data covers many industries

The wide range of data sets covers many branches of industry, covering metals (steel, aluminium and non ferrous metals), organic and inorganic intermediate products, plastics, mineral materials, energy supply (power grid mixes, steam, thermal energy), end-of life, coatings, manufacturing and electronics, construction materials, renewable materials, and textile processing.

Documentation in line with ILCD

The metadata documentation of the datasets in GaBi Databases is in line with the documentation requirements of the European Commission’s Environmental footprint (EF) initiative, EF 2.0 and EF 3.0, as well as the "International Reference Life Cycle Data System" (ILCD) Entry Level. The same possibility to compliantly document own datasets and export them to EF 2.0 is available also to GaBi users, inside GaBi Software.

Data sets of the European Commission's "European Reference Life Cycle Data System" (ELCD) database are also included in GaBi Databases. The elementary flow naming of those data sets as well as the metadata documentation are adapted according to the specific framework and boundary conditions of the GaBi Databases but without loss of information.

PlasticEurope LCI datasets

PlasticsEurope provides LCI datasets for several intermediates and plastics. To use these datasets in a consistent way with GaBi Databases, some adaptations in the presentation of the dataset had to be made. For details please see the corresponding documentation of GaBi Databases.


All data sets are sorted by category as well as by module of GaBi Databases.

Independent external review

thinkstep introduces critical review process of its GaBi database with inspection and verification company DEKRA.

As LCA continues to be used more broadly in industry, companies require increased accuracy, transparency and credibility of their data sources in order to make the best informed decisions. Recognising this and in order to ensure consistency and quality of its market-leading GaBi Database, thinkstep is finalizing the first round of an ongoing critical review process with DEKRA.

The DEKRA critical review of the GaBi Database verifies:

  • Credible independent sources underpinning each dataset
  • Up to date engineering know-how used in composing the dataset
  • Accurate meta information documenting the dataset.

The review initially covers basic technologies, such as e.g. power plants, refineries and water treatment units underlying many other aggregated datasets and continues with dependent datasets derived from these core models. In addition to the datasets themselves, the quality assurance processes are also subject to an audit.